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WordPress Advisor (PID: 2703)
Posted On :2014-09-26    
Category: General Positions | Budget: Not Sure
Company: TeeheeAsia
Project Details:

Our company is searching for a support on the setup and modification on our corporate websites, as well as other 2 websites from our sister companies.

Our company needs 1 figure with experience in the development of WordPress websites and the use of multiple templates.
The person has to deliver the work in a expedite way and with quality, as well as being available to work in close contact with our marketing and design department for the detailed specification.
We believe that no real coding will be necessary, as we will mostly use WP templates.
We will make the purchase of website and templates, the only requirement is for a technical support in the most complicate modifications.
No other requirements are necessary beside a clear understanding of all WordPress mechanisms.

We believe that the workload will not be excessive and that for each website it will be necessary to spend not longer than 2 weeks. Under this assessments, we believe that the Project will last for nearly 1 month and an half.

We would prefer to have an advisor based in Shanghai, China, but it is not mandatory, we accept also to hire work from the distance, being it a web-project.

For additional information, please refer to the email provided.

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