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Custom Gallery Plugin (PID: 2639)
Posted On :2013-08-07    
Category: WP Programmer | Budget: Not Sure
Company: New York Media Group
Project Details:

We are looking for a WordPress gallery plugin. We very much like the new Google search option (beta) that shows up when you type in i.e. “things to do in New York” – you get a horizontal gallery through which you can scroll and click on the photo and get directed to a corresponding page. The plugin will be used on a number of our sites, one of which is http://www.visitnewyork.co.uk

This is the kind of plugin we are looking for. There are some premium ones available, but nothing that really suits our needs completely. These are some of the things we are looking for.

- The gallery needs to be made up of our own images that we can either upload or can be used from our site directly (URL insertion in backend).
- The gallery needs to automatically created proportionate thumbnails of these images and they need to be all the same size.
- The images need to fill the gallery – so no fancy borders, focus is on the images
- We would like to have a function to enable or disable images showing with a selection box (important for seasonal items)
- The gallery will be positioned between the menu and the content and will extend ‘infinitely’ outside of the frame of the theme posts. This means that we will need to be provided with a shortcode of some sorts and it should be easy to implement.
- The visitor needs to be able to scroll within the gallery.
- The images need to be clickable and in the backend we need to be able to add a URL to which each image will refer. When a visitor clicks, the link will open within the site (and not a new page)
- Some form of fancy layover (i.e. fading when a visitor hovers over an image) is a nice addition but not a necessity
- The gallery needs to be responsive and adapt to any form of browser/size (this is important for the ‘infinitely’ aspect. An ideal situation would be for example that the smaller the screen, the less images are shown.
- The gallery needs to be simple yet sophisticated, it needs to fit within the layout/theme of the site.
- The plugin should be very simple to use, and more importantly not be too heavy for the site.

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