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WooCommerce Custom Plugin (PID: 2619)
Posted On :2013-08-02    
Category: WP Upgrade Jobs | Budget: Not Sure
Company: Metal Cleaning Systems
Project Details:


I am using WooCommerce with WordPress to manage my eCommerce side . It provides most of the functionality, however, my business runs on Pre-Orders or Backorders. I often need to ship-partial and the current system doesn’t handle partial shipment too well.

I have created a custom status called Ship-Partial and use the “Add Meta” function to Identify backorder remaining, however, it requires a lot of manual manipulation of order quantities.

Is it possible to have additional fields that interact with each other. For example… I want to ship 10 of an item the customer ordered 100 of. I put “10″ in the shipment (that has a date and perhaps tracking field along with it), and the system then automatically puts “90″ in the backorder field. Later, I add another shipment of “10″ (with specific date to it) and system changes backorder to “80″.

We do not handle large volumes of orders and our business model is B2B. I just want to be able to easily apply partial shipments to orders to the customer gets a clear email update with what we are shipping against their original order.

Our Accounting system is Quickbooks Online. I’d like orders to sync with all the detail mentioned above. We do not have pricing online as it is contract pricing. I’d like to receive the orders to QB Online, however, I don’t want quickbooks to push back to WooCommerce. Invoicing is handled on the QB end.

Please let me know if further clarification is needed…

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