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Membership (using BuddyPress) (PID: 2613)
Posted On :2013-07-31    
Category: WP Upgrade Jobs | Budget: Not Sure
Company: Creative Zone, Inc.
Project Details:


Background – Currently the membership system in SC is running on S2Member. The limitation with this plugin lies in the fact that you must initially sign up as a ‘free’ member, and only then can you upgrade to a higher paid account. We would like to offer users the ability to sign up at their desired level directly from the beginning, be it free or paid. In addition (and somewhat more complex) are the membership levels that provide different features depending on a users’ status. (See member level doc)

Proposed Solution / What We Need – We have tried a number of membership plugins, but each has their downfall. The membership plugin from WPMU.org is easier to manage membership level options with its drag and drop interface, but performance is not the best and many times users would be flagged with ‘no permission’ errors even though the settings were correct. Combined with the cost of WPMU and its updating schedule, it is not the most practice to use. S2Member on the other hand works better from a performance standpoint but would need significant modifications in order to function as we need it to. Ideally, SandCrate’s member system should combine the best of both worlds – either through customization to s2Member or a custom built member functionality that does the following:

Allows for limitations based on user member level (# of messages that can be sent through Buddypress, number of posts / ideas a user can post, and general page access restrictions per user level.
Allows user (on registration) to choose a membership level and pay (PayPal payments at minimum, possible Stripe integration for advanced CC processing if possible)
Manage users and easily upgrade / downgrade them from an admin (WP Dashboard) interface
Front-End user account management (easily upgrade / cancel account, etc. Provide the necessary functions and styling can be down to pull all the information in).

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