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User Notification (using BuddyPress) (PID: 2603)
Posted On :2013-07-30    
Category: WP Upgrade Jobs | Budget: Not Sure
Company: Creative Zone, Inc.
Project Details:

User Notification

Background: An ‘add-on’ to the perfect storm concept is that user’s would be notified (via BuddyPress notifications) when a user registers that meets some of their initial criteria. This would put them in direct contact with those who have a background in the specific areas that the member is looking for. This would be independent of the ‘perfect search button’, as this process would happen on it’s on.

Proposed Solution / What We Need: It’s best to look at this as a ‘people you might know’ a-la Facebook. While Facebook recommends individuals based on mutual friends, we would be recommending people based on mutual interests. The more you have ‘compatible’ with a person, the more likely you are to collaborate. This tool would be used to create and develop the initial connections to build strong relationships between members, and then when use with the other ‘perfect storm’ search tools, individuals who poses the skills outside of the original entrepreneurs’ set can be found.

In addition, User notification should have these functions as well:

Notifications should not work not only on new members, but on new changes to user profiles. For example, someone had their profile filled out but left off some details and then 6 months later they fill in the details. If these new changes make the person a match, they should be included in the notification.

This notification feature to also work for saves searches. The idea as he lays it out pushes profiles that match yours on some kind of matching algorithm, like a founder dating service. This is a good feature, but sometimes you just want someone with a specific technical skill who lives in a particular area. If you set up that search and save it, it should notify you of new search results as well.

The notification process needs to be user controlled (how frequently, do they come via email or just internally to the site)

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