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Develop a Form that is editable by user + searchable with Dashboard (PID: 2675)
Posted On :2014-10-02    
Category: WP Programmer | Budget: Not Sure
Company: Singles Twist
Project Details:

We were thinking about using Gravity Forms plugin but there are some limitations. Gravity Forms does not allow you to do the following:

1. Modify HTML, or allow users to edit their completed form at a later time.

The vendor has told us we can write custom code to accomplish this task. So we are considering three methods of approach for this project. First method – use Gravity Forms plugin and develop custom code for users to edit data at a later time. Second method – build/develop a WordPress Plugin that meet requirements. Third – have someone present a different solution to accomplish our task.

The objective is to create a user profile form that will contain 50 – 75 questions. These questions will be in different formats such a drop-down menu, check boxes, single line of text, multiple lines of text, etc… The data collected needs to be searchable by all users based on their subscription level. Lower subscribers can not view higher paying subscribers but the opposite is true.


1. The form needs to be responsive.

2. The form should be written in .the latest version of PHP unless there is a compelling reason as to why another language should be used.

3. Registered users should have the ability to complete a profile form.

4. Registered users should have the ability to edit their profile form.

5. Registered user should only have access to their profile form.

6. Registered users should have the ability to save and continue completing their profile form at a later time. When a registered user returns back to the form they should continue where they left off. (This requirement can be modified)

7. The form needs to have the same look and feel as the website http://singlestwist.com This may include HTML and CSS modifications.

8. The form should have a back and forward button at the bottom of the screen. These buttons allow the registered user to move forward and backwards on completed pages.

9. The form must have multiple pages. These pages should not have more than six (6) questions per page.

10. The form should have a progress indicator at the top of each page. See example on match.com. You will have to register as a new free user to see this example.

11. Some fields on the form are mandatory. This needs to be notated with some type of symbol. Example: **

12. The form should have some type of image/picture displayed on various pages. These images do not have to be created just placeholders. Images will be different for each page.(Optional)

13. The latest version of MySQL needs to be utilized

14. Data in the database does not need to be encrypted.

15. A good naming convention need to be established for fields, tables, stored procedures, triggers, etc.

16. Database should be highly normalized.

17. All registered user data (answers on form) needs to be stored in a MySQL database for WordPress locally on the server. No external form service providers with monthly fees.

18. We need the ability to change questions in the form and reorder questions in the form.

19. Questions in the form should appear based on user input to previous questions.

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