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Internal Server Error on all wordpress sites. (PID: 2573)
Posted On :2013-07-23    
Category: WP Upgrade Jobs | Budget: Not Sure
Company: Plum Direct Marketing
Project Details:

I need someone to go through our company’s wordpress htaccess files to figure out why we’re getting internal server errors. If you refresh our pages enough the site will load eventually but we need this fixed as it’s affecting all sites with wordpress.

What happened:

To fix a spam page redirect that was occuring on one of our wordpress sites, I changed the permalinks from “postname” to “default”. That’s when I noticed the internal server error notices we were getting on all of our wordpress sites. So I then switched permalinks back to “default” but the internal server errors remain. Tinkered with htaccess files a little which worked for a bit but now it’s not.

We have a shared hosting package with 1and1. A problem with this is they don’t have error logs or reporting. If we need to upgrade to a private server, sure. Whatever we have to do to fix this problem.

If you’re confident you can find a solution to this problem please reach out to me!


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