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Major Relaunch: TriplePundit.com (PID: 2548)
Posted On :2013-07-15    
Category: WP Designer | Budget: Not Sure
Company: TriplePundit.com
Project Details:

Hi guys, we’re just in the beginning stages of looking for a designer/developer to take TriplePundit.com to the next level. This is a fairly complex wordpress news site with 10-12 new articles a day and a lot of custom needs. Please take a look at the site to get an idea of what we’re all about. I have a lot more details to share but I’d like to first gauge initial thoughts, sense your enthusiasm for this project, hear smart questions that can help get this project off the ground.

You MUST have experience designing news-room style sites, this is not a storefront or a simple blog.

Looking to build a new site from scratch in wordpress.

Some details:

What is TriplePundit?
TriplePundit is a media platform for the conversation on sustainable business. We publish articles and other media that concern the triple bottom line – balancing economy, ecology, and society. We celebrate people and companies who are using the power of business to build a better world.

Technical Specs
- 14,000+ articles
- ~500K pageviews a month
- Many categories
- Tag Pages
- Special series based on tags
- Dozens of authors
- Generic guest author account (good idea?)
- Two email newsletters, one automated RSS daily, one editorial weekly (Mailchimp)
- Google DFP banner ads plus a couple others
- Podium – special self posting section
- Jobs board
- Offline GRI Courses

Website Goals
- improve overall performance, speed, traffic numbers
- improve pageviews/visit from 1.5 to 2.5+
- improve visibility of our special series
- improve visibility of certain pages (custom, changes all the time)
- possible multiple front page options – blog style vs “CNN” style
- increase engagement – social media + comments
- increase traffic to certain inside pages (from inside and search)
- drive newsletter signups
- drive course signups (GRI plus CSRreporting)
- drive sales of other products in general
- improve editorial process especially for guest posting
- give better options for things like slideshows, video, etc…
- improve event promo ability
- optimize advertising for better revenue
- better mobile version (or responsive css)
-improve searchability and archive navigation to make them more intuitive and fun.

Better designs for archives, categories, special series, including older ones.

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