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Membership Website! (PID: 197)
Posted On :2011-12-30    
Category: WP Programmer | Budget: Not Sure
Company: Superb Web Design
Project Details:

I am currently looking for a WordPress Developer to complete construction on a partially finished WordPress website. Guidelines for the website are below. Within the document below, the use of ‚??Client‚?? indicates our Client who is requesting the work, and the use of ‚??Subscriber‚?? indicates a customer of the finished website.

The project will require a developer who can re-skin the existing site (if the Client desires) as well as evaluate different WordPress plugins based upon the information below, and make a professional recommendation as to which plug in will be best suited for the Client‚??s short-term needs and long-term growth requirements. You must have prior experience developing paid Membership websites and be able to install and configure all necessary plug-ins to accommodate the requirements below. Custom modifications may be necessary to accommodate the Client‚??s constraints. This project has a go ‚??live‚?? date set for March 15, 2012. You need to work well as part of a team, but also be a self-starter and comfortable working on deadlines and with minimal supervision. You should also possess excellent written and oral communication skills.

Bid Instructions
In your bid please include two separate areas:
1. ‚??Software Costs‚?? section which breaks down all costs associated with your choice of the necessary plug-ins (3rd party software) to facilitate this project. (see below*)
2. ‚??Developer Costs‚?? section which details your payment requirements as follows:
a. Overall cost for your time.
b. Project down payment amount.
c.Payment details on how would like to be paid).

*The Client will pay for 3rd party software directly to the software manufacturer, but would like to see software costs. Please send all bids to Krista Garren via email kgarren@superbwebdesign.net if you are interested or you may contact me directly at 888.723.7315.

Overall Website Information
ABC‚??s of Horses will be a membership/subscription based website that will be a site for girls age 9-13 who are interested in but do not already own a horse of their own. The main goal of the website is to sell a monthly subscription to a series of instruction videos accessible immediately after signup. The website should not only contain the pages listed below, but should also have a fully functional membership area which tracks all pertinent Subscriber details (Membership Level, personal information, payment information).
Current Website: www.abcsofhorses.com

Membership Area Constraints & Requirements
Three Subscriber Membership Levels should be available (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and the monthly subscription fee is to be $10.00 with a 30 Day Trial period that is complimentary. The Subscriber‚??s card will not be charged until after the Trial period has expired. If they have not cancelled, their card should then be charged once per period ($10/monthly, $60/semi-annual, $120/ annual) for the appropriate amount.

Content Delivery
1. Sequential Content Delivery – Subscribers should be provided with Sequential Content Delivery. Specifically they should be allowed to only view content within their Membership Level and will only be allowed to access four videos at a time (regardless of where they are in the video series). This is to prevent them from being able to simply signup and view all videos in a single day. No matter what date they signup, they should have access to Videos 1-4 and progress from there.
2. Sneak Preview – Website should allow the opportunity for a ‚??sneak preview‚?? of video content which is controlled by the Subscriber entering their name and email address to gain access to the information. This information should be funneled into a ‚??prospects‚?? autoresponder list with either 1Shopping Cart or Constant Contact. The Client will select their tool of choice and you will be provided with login information.

Subscriber/Member Management
1. Install and configure all necessary code and plug-ins for the Membership Area as well as configure the Membership Area with Levels (description and price).
2. Subscriber should be able to modify their personal details at any time including name changes, email address, mailing address, phone number, payment information etc.
3. Subscriber should be able to easily cancel their subscription at any time.
4. The Client should be able to easily manage Subscriber/Member details including registration status, membership level and more.

Payment System
1. The Client desires PayPal as their payment processor to start, however other gateways (ex: authorize.net) should be accessible in the future via the Membership area. You will install and configure the Payment Gateway.
2. Multiple payment options should also be available to subscribers (Monthly, Semi-Annual and Annual).

Error Pages
Custom Error pages should be created to handle the ability to encourage signups or upgrades when Subscribers to try access areas of the website that they do not have permission to view.

Website Menu Structure/Outline
The following is the menu structure and included pages for the website:
Contact Us

Content Insertion
You will also handle content insertion as follows:
‚?Ę Transfer and insert all client supplied content for each page/document listed under Website Menu Structure.
‚?Ę Create/setup Client‚??s video products with information (product info, price, photo etc) as listed under Website Menu Structure.
‚?ĘInsert Teaser video onto site but require users to enter their name/email address initially to view the video.

Complete integration with either 1Shopping Cart or Constant Contact as follows:
‚?Ę Integration with Constant Contact for the use of Auto-Responders.
‚?Ę Insertion of Opt-In form to website‚??s home page.
‚?Ę Testing Opt-In form integration

You will be responsible for working with the Client to test all areas of the website to be sure it is functional as ordered and free from errors.

Complete an online training session for the Client (maximum of 2 hours) on use of the WordPress Website. This should include a complete overview of how to make text/graphics changes to pages, adding or creating new members manually, modifying member details, adding or removing new video products and answering all client questions.

Plug Ins
Possible plug-ins for this project are Members Magic (http://www.iblogzone.com/2011/01/turn-wordpress-site-into-membership-site.html) and Wish List (http://member.wishlistproducts.com/)


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