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Eshop wordpress Customization and/or extension (PID: 166)
Posted On :2012-01-17    
Category: WP Programmer | Budget: Not Sure
Company: Victor Enrich
Project Details:

I have a little business that consists in selling prints of images I do myself, you can take a look into those pics in my Website.
The pictures are being sold on demand. Buyers get to know about me through art magazines, printed or online, that published my works.
These pictures are limited editions, and right now I offer two choices to buyers. The first is to buy the single original copy, at the biggest size, and the second is a smaller print of a series of 20 copies.
Of course, the first option is quite more expensive that the second.

After several months of activity I have found out that my buyers prefer to contact me directly by email to get a special treatment..so the eshop plugin to sell online became no longer necessary because each sale is done “manually” by telling them my paypal account or my Bank account. That is why, the plugin features are turned off in the website now.

However, I have found out that my pictures could be sold in another format, cheaper and more accessible to larger groups of people: postcards, but not regular ones, but very well printed, and with a specoial touch.

The difference between the first 2 options and this 3rd new business line, my customers will no longer be individuals but businesses, let’s call them Retailers, because I don’t want regualr individuals to buy online 1 postcards each time, that is simply not possible. My postcards will be displayed in shops, and the shop owners will buy packs of 100 minimum.

In order to achieve success in this new business line, 3 new actors show up:

1.- logistic managers
( 1 person per main geographic area: Central Europe, Arabic Countries, Israel, North America etc. )
focused in keeping the stocks and delivering them to retailers and/or distributors when an order is done
2.- distributors
as many as people I will find interested in taking part into this business.
focused in contacting with retail owners and leave a postcard samples pack for free.
3.- retailers
focused in sell the postcards ( among their other items ) to individuals

Right now, the eshop plugin, as far as I know, is focused in business to peer sales, or even peer to peer… so what I would like is to make my eshop plugin manage also this B2B possibility by achieving the following functionalities:

1.- commission management
Both logistic managers and distributors will work on commission, in other words, no salaries. They will perform as partners, and they have to assume some little risks, as well as invest with their time dedication. Same as I do.
So, they should get a commission on each order that has been performed by Retailers in my website, because retailers will buy ONLY through my site.
The eshop plugin extension should then be able to:

a. create/edit/delete logistic manager profiles by the admin
b. create/edit/delete distributor profiles by the admin
c. edit those profiles by both actors

The admin should be able to determine different commission % to each actor individually according to private negotiations, and this % should not be visible by other actors, only by the admin and the specific actor. As well, this % could only be created/edited/deleted by the admin.

Each actor should have to introduce his personal data as well as a paypal account, where the agreed % goes to after each order.

I will create product pages visible only through a login that will be given to these actors, in which they can order postcard packs. They will pay, but that amount will be deviated to a second main paypal account, as these amounts will be just deposits, that will be returned totally or partially in case logistic managers and/or distributors return the postcards to me in perfect conditions.
So, these means that the admin needs a second main paypal account for deposits.

Same for distributors, each order that a distributor makes, needs a deposit, to a third main paypal account. This deposit is returned in case they return the items to me in perfect conditions if they were not able to distribute them correctly. They will also have a deadline to distribute them totally, after which, the deposit will not be returned.

The flow then should be the following.

1.- a logistic manager, chosen by me, orders 1000 postcards from the logistic private page in my website, the order amount goes to the logistic paypal deposit account and gets a receipt specifying which and how many postcards ordered..

2.- I get the order so I send to print the postcard pack to my printing provider, who delivers it with MY sender address ( the address and identity of the printer is not provided )
As well, I orders envelopes and adhesive labels with my address that will be sent to the logisitc manager which will be used by him to deliver to distributors. These deliveries will not have the logistic manager address, but mine. The identity and address of the logistic manager is not provided.

3.- in parallel I have found several distributors so I invite them to order, from the distributors private page, the postcard samples pack, which includes a display for the postcards.
In this page, they will be able to choose which postcards want. I will create eshop products for that.
To make the order they will pay a deposit that goes to the third paypal account and get a receipt.

4.- the logisitc manager should get the sample pack order, as well as the admin, and sends the pack to the distributor with the obligation of giving my address as the sender. The address and identity of the logisitc manager must not be provided.

5.- the distributor gets the pack and starts distributing.
He has the obligation, not only to give the pack to a retail owner, but to take his data, name, company name, address, email address as well as which and how many postcards left as samples, as well as how many displays.
As well he has the obligation to indicate how they can make future orders, through my website.

6.- the distributor has to introduce this data into the eshop extension plugiin.

( Part of this data will be visible in an embedded google map into my website showing individual visitors where they can find my postcards )

7.- All the data that distributors introduce will be checked by the admin, to verify it is correct.
In case, it’s correct, and everything has been distributed, then the distributor will get the deposit. If part of the postcards were not distributed, as well as displays, he can keep them or return them to get the deposit totally.

8.- Same for the logisitc manager. But with longer periods.

9.- Several retailers will have samples, and they will see if they sell good or not. In case they sell, they will order throguh my website.

10.- each order has to deviate a % to the logistic manager who delivered to the distributor who distributed to that retail.
as well each order has to deviate another % to the distributor who distributed to that retail.

11.- the logisitc manager delivers the order to the retailer, with my address in the sender.

end of story.

So, in resume, the logistic manager gets 2 kinds of orders, from distributors and from retailers, so the format of the order should be visibly different in order to avoid confusions.

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