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WordPress custom plugin user fields and sms (PID: 149)
Posted On :2012-01-05    
Category: WP Upgrade Jobs | Budget: Not Sure
Company: Andviks
Project Details:

I would like a custom WordPress plugin built that deals with custom user registration fields and communication with a SMS gateway.

The plugin will add to the standard WordPress registration the ability to add unlimited custom fields to be defined by the administrator. These custom fields must be able to handle inputs such as birth dates, gender, address and phone numbers to name a few.

The administrator interface dealing with SMS will show certain fields from the user database such as the custom fields mentioned above. The administrator will then specify criteria for an instance of sending SMS such as all females over the age of 30, everyone between the ages of 15 and 25, all males, etc. The plugin must also give the option of listing all the users in the database to allow the administrator to check off a set users. The plugin will then query the user database to make a list of mobile numbers that match the criteria selected.

Once this list is compliled, an administrator must be able to write a message to be sent as a SMS. The plugin will then communicate this list of mobile numbers and the message to a SMS gateway for delivery.

I would like someone who will be willing to modify an existing plugin should it be appropriate to do so.

I would like someone who will be able to maintain the plugin in exchange for a fee should it be necessary for it to continue to be compatible with future releases of WordPress.

It must be said that the plugin must follow the WordPress coding standard and have a focus on security.

I would like the plugin to be able to be hosted by WordPress and must thus adhere to the standard as specified by WordPress, among other things being GPL compliant.

I have also another plugin in mind that needs developing in the future and would thus prefer someone who will be able to create another plugin for me in the near future. This second plugin will deal with video files, on demand streaming and video players.

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