The Tennessee State Legislature met in special session and passed legislation that 消除蒙版要求. 州长签署立法使之成为法律.

Effective immediately, the mask and daily health self-assessment requirements are no longer applicable for students and all Motlow employees.

学生, employees, or visitors who want to continue to wear a mask are welcome to 这样做.

Motlow State has determined that the function of the PEMT (Pandemic Emergency Management 团队)已经从它最初的任务转变. PEMT的联合董事将继续任职 to monitor COVID-19 local health departments and CDC guidance. 沟通会 按需交付.

The health, safety and wellness of students, faculty and staff continues to be a College 优先级.


所有mgm美高梅校区的室内都要求佩戴口罩. 所有的学生,员工和客人 are required to complete a daily health assessment form each day before coming on 校园. 员工, students, and visitors are advised to observe social distancing 只要有可能.


田纳西州州长比尔·李发布了第11号行政令. 84年8月. 16日,肯定的 decisions regarding mask wearing in public places of learning during the COVID pandemic.

As a result of Governor Lee’s Executive Order 84, the 田纳西州董事会 (TBR) 增加以下建议:

“Colleges should encourage faculty, students, and staff to wear 面具 in indoor settings 不可能保持社交距离的地方. 机构不应该有一个面具命令 或要求.

If a student, faculty, or staff member declines to wear a mask, the institution should 不采取纪律处分.  

Individual faculty members are not permitted to require that 面具 be worn during instructional activities or to treat the failure to wear a mask as a basis for removing 班上的一个学生.  

The System Office recognizes that many people on both sides of this issue have deeply held feelings and beliefs, and we recognize the polarizing nature of decisions regarding 面具.  Institutions should encourage everyone to avoid confrontation and to try to lower the temperature as we all try to navigate the current phase of the COVID pandemic.”

mgm集团美高梅 encourages faculty, students, and staff to wear 面具 in indoor settings 不可能保持社交距离的地方.


Effective Wednesday, August 4th, 2021, and in compliance with CDC guidance, Motlow State Community College will require the wearing of face 面具 for faculty, staff, students, and guests inside all mgm集团美高梅 buildings.

In support of this decision, clarifying points and most recent CDC guidelines follow:

  1. The CDC recommends face 面具 to be worn inside of public indoor settings regardless 疫苗接种的地位
  2. Masks will be worn inside all mgm集团美高梅 used/owned/rented/leased locations and as designated via outdoor/indoor signage except when in a private office 或者当吃
  3. 户外不需要戴口罩
  4. Continue use of health-protecting behaviors by staying home when sick, practicing physical distancing, avoiding crowds, frequent hand washing, and cleaning high-touch 比如手机和桌面


mgm美高梅完全开放,不请自来和预约. 所有的学生服务都是可操作的. We are excited to see all of our students on-ground and around 校园.

学生, staff, and visitors are no longer required to complete a health self-assessment 在来校园之前,我已经准备好了. No appointments are needed to come to 校园 to receive 学生服务.


mgm集团美高梅 will re-open its 校园es to in-person students for 秋季学期. Motlow’s reopening aligns with the 田纳西州董事会 institutions 整个国家. 

The college will initiate its return to 校园 plan beginning May 10. 具体细节 for accessing 校园es and services can be found in the student resources section 这个页面的.

Motlow will reopen its five 校园es: 摩尔县, McMinnville, 费耶特维尔, 士麦那, 和斯巴达. The decision to return for Fall 2021 is commensurate with decreased COVID-19 restrictions per the State of Tennessee and aligns with Governor Bill Lee’s announcement 全州公共卫生命令的终结.


mgm集团美高梅 is planning a phased return to on-校园 classes in fall 2021, subject to new information, guidance, or direction from state and local 卫生官员. The safety of our students and employees is our highest 优先级.

以下是我们对2021年夏秋的了解. 情况很不稳定,而这个 资料可能会有更改.

  • 夏秋两季报名于4月5日开始. 超过25%的课程已安排 to take place face-to-face, on 校园, in spaces that accommodate social distancing.
  • 需要戴口罩,每天进行自我评估.
  • Plans are being developed to make in-person academic support and library services 提供给学生.
  • 每个校园都有学生寄存箱.

Regardless of instructional modality, all classes will be held to the standards of 这是mgm美高梅州典型的高质量教育. 我们鼓励您尽早注册 确保你的座位在你喜欢的班级.


We are committed to your success, whether you are a new, continuing or visiting student. We want you to register for classes, where you will enjoy the same high quality education you expect from Motlow State, regardless of the instructional format. ……很重要。 for you to remain engaged and stay on track with your goals. 所有课程将会举行 to the standards of 这是mgm美高梅州典型的高质量教育. 我们鼓励 you to register early 确保你的座位在你喜欢的班级. 当你去 the class schedule, look for classes coded as noted below so that you can make the 选择最符合您需求的产品.


  • Daily cleaning and additional disinfection services based on CDC guidelines
  • HEPA air purification units installed in all classroom and common areas at all 校园es
  • Disposable face 面具 and gloves available at each 校园